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I`m Anette and I´m glad you`ve come across my website: Stone Age Sleep.

Difficulties with my own children in the field of sleep led me to the depths of the world of sleep, and what I discovered was scary, but also really exciting and enlightening. Sleep reflects our lifestyle, cultural beliefs, dietary traditions, thinking and brings out all those things that are currently imbalanced in our life. I hope my evolutionary perspective on sleep and everything related to sleep speaks to you. 

On this website, you can find my book “7 Steps to Child`s Better Sleep”, my services and various free materials in the form of blog posts. 

Happy exploring!


Why choose a new evolutionary and WHOLE approach?

Better contact with the child

You will get to really know your child`s needs.


In line with human biology and the latest research on circadian rhythms and the microbiome. No teaching the baby to sleep! The future is the microbiome and the circadian rhythms.

Appreciative of a mother`s instinct

Listen to your instincts and react to the child exactly as quickly as your gut tells you. Even a minute of a child`s protest cry is not part of a modern sleep program.

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